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Personal Debt Wrangler – Had my money head in the sand – but no more!


Where we are at now at the start of this blog … 2 years after D-day!

rough seasOK so I started this blog with my first posts explaining why I’m here and where we started from 2 years ago.

Now time to give you the current status.  In the early months I cried buckets of tears and lots of expletives were delivered.  Eventually I started putting one foot in front of the other and started to plan and deploy, plan some more and execute some more.

The Irishman pretty much left me to it, rather sheepishly.  I think he was burnt out on it all anyways so he tried to focus on making income and offering some suggestions on things we could cancel and save on.  It really is a process.  There’s stuff in the early days that I couldn’t even fathom doing without.  Now I’m a lot more brazen, in most areas… though I still have a few sacred cows that I’ll save for a later post (I’ll likely need support in order to ditch the bitches!) Continue reading



How did I get here?

My first post.  If you’ve read my About or Debt page, you probably know how I got here, or maybe I should say there, meaning there in that wannafugedaboudit debt crisis.

Well, I may divulge some more bits and pieces on that later.  My purpose will be not to incriminate anyone The Irishman.  [I’m going to refer to my husband as this, and I mean it affectionately].  I think I have got all most of the negativity out of my system by now, 2 years later.  All has been forgiven and I take 100% responsibility for the problem (I should actually say 50% but hey, I’m nice like that.)

Tidal WaveTopics of future blog posts fly through my mind such as:

  • Can a marriage survive a Debt Crisis?
  • Can YOU survive a Debt Crisis without SSRI’s?
  • How could I be so smart but yet so dumb?
  • Is there still money in my booze budget?

Oh, the possibilities… but I digress.  So how did I get HERE?  Well I’ve been thinking about blogging our story for a few reasons.

  1. I’d like to  help others.  I’ve learned a lot and am still learning but would like to be able to share information, lessons learned if it would help someone else to avoid what I’ve gone through.
  2. I could use some moral support sometimes.  Maybe I’m getting a bit of debt fatigue.  I get anxious because The Irishman’s income is variable and I throw a fit freak out when it’s not looking like it will be a good month and he hasn’t told me about it.
  3. I’ve been perusing other personal finance blogs and have found them to be helpful for #2.  However, I’ve noticed that most personal debt blogs are from twenty or thirty somethings trying to get out of student debt.  I commend them in a WHOLEHEARTEDLY BIG way!  [And would like to get my daughter hooked on to them BTW]  I’m also looking for some older bloggers who are as stupid as me and who I can impress with my big numbers.  [Translation:  Please, anybody?  Is there anybody out there who’s been as bad as we have been?]
  4. I used to blog when I went through depression after my Mum died.  I had a lot of fun with it, even if it was a bit of a time hog.  I won’t let this get like that.   As much as this blog is for others, it will also be for me.
  5. I thought I could make some extra money with a side hustle of advertising on this blog.  I’ve since researched and it looks pretty dismal so not sure if I’ll bother.  But if small unobtrusive stylish ads start to pop up …. don’t hate me.  😀


So say hello, tell your friends/parents so we can chat.  And if nobody shows up, not to worry.  I can just look back on this in the future and say… look what we did!  We’ve come a long way, baby!