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Worth IT Wednesday! ~ Blog Reader Choice

Worth-IT-WednesdaySome of these Worth it Wednesday posts are becoming a little bit techy, hence I capitalize the IT in the title on these sorts of posts!

This post will be a little face off between feedly and Bloglovin with a few other personal updates thrown in at the bottom.


feedly icon (looks familiar)


Bloglovin icon (who knew?)

Last Wednesday I asked for some help on choosing a good blog reader that would work on an Android tablet and I got 5 responses (I think 3 of them I entered on behalf of those that responded in the comments – note to self:  they’re not a big fan of polls in the personal finance community 😀 ).

So the consensus was 60% Bloglovin’ and 40% feedly as the tools of choice.  Being that the vote was somewhat arbitrary (translation:  lame  not many responses), I decided to try out both applications on my new Yoga Lenovo B8000-F tablet that I got for Mother’s Day to see which one I liked better.

I installed both straight way and tried feedly (aka feebly, BTW their brand is with lower case “f”, kinda like my “d’s” 😉 ) first.  Some of the comments below pertain also to the non-tablet version as well.  I’ve tried to highlight only the features that I see as different between the two apps.

If you think I’ve missed something, or I’ve mistakenly noted something that is incorrect, only because I don’t know how to use the tool yet ….which is entirely possible…. please let me know.

feedly on Android Tablet

Pros ~

  1. Ability to group your feeds into different categories i.e. Debt Blogs, Investment Blogs, Blog Blogs, Dog Blogs, God Blogs, Funny Blogs, Oh My Blogs.  These topic lists can also help to prioritize your blog reading, as in PF Favs, New, etc.
  2. Ability to mark items as “Save for Later” if you want to read later, or comment later, or send to Pinterest etc. later.
  3. You can go back to recently read, if you swipe away a page and then realize you want to go back to it.
  4. You can sort the posts so that oldest shows first.  (Good for anal people like me who don’t want to miss anything)
  5. You can mark specific blogs as “Must Reads” and select those for fast and easy priority reading.
  6. There is an ability to link it up to Evernote, but I must admit I don’t know what the advantage is with this or how to do it.  Evernote looks like a cool app though.  Anyone use it?

Cons ~

  1. Not very intuitive to know how to add blogs (but that could just be me as I’m still learning how to use the tablet)
  2. When leaving comments, often my screen would disappear and I would lose my comment.  This could be user error on my part, but it happened enough and I can’t tell what sequence of events prompted it, to say that it’s a bit finicky.   I also noticed that it stays in a feedly screen as opposed to launching the website in your browser.   This may have something to do with it.

Bloglovin’ on Android Tablet

 Pros ~

  1. You have the ability to like posts which I think can be used similarly as the “Save for Later” above in feedly.  I know I said I would only talk about the differences between the e-readers; I just point this out because it is a little different.  In addition, you can see how many “Likes” have been marked by all Bloglovin readers for a particular post.
  2. Posts are marked as unread until you mark them read.  They do not disappear, but any blogs with all read posts, will move down your reader list, so that only blogs with unread posts show at the top (I didn’t notice this at first).
  3. When you select “View original post”, it opens it in your preferred browser which is preferable and may avoid the commenting problems I noted above on Feedly.

Cons ~

  1. No ability to group your feeds under different topic lists.  For me this is a big missing feature.
  2. Posts sort in following order:  Unread first (good), most recent first (not alterable).  This may not be a bad thing for people who are trying to be more efficient and effective, because likely they will want to read and comment on the most recent post, and skim the others for something that spikes their interest.

So what am I doing now?, I wanted a reader application to help me do damage control on my email.  Now I’ve got two readers going on top of my email.  LOL  They are a nice way to track the blogs you follow, no doubt about it.

So the conclusion is – there is no clear favourite, for me anyways.  I’m leaning a little more to feedly if I can get the commenting thing sorted out.

I need to figure out if I’m going to drop one or use each for different purposes or different blog lists. Dunno.  I promise I won’t do another post on it, because this is boring the death out of me, so I can just imagine what it is doing to anyone reading this!!

P.S.  You may notice I added the two follow buttons at the top right of my blog.  Of course, email, facebook and wordpress are still other good options and buttons are up there too!  Gotta keep those options open!  Can anyone help me with that RSS button?  I still don’t know what that is and where it’s going.  HAAALP.

Post editorial add:  Holy crap, I may take away my endorsement of feedly because I just tried to look at my own blog in there and when I click on the link to “Visit website”, once you start scrolling down the page turns to just my page background and you can’t get back to the post.  Not nice.  Don’t go there.

Update 26 May 2014:  Well I never heard back from feedly after submitting 2 tickets but it appears that the display of my blog is fixed on the Android.   Yay!

OK, on to other news!

FinSavSatI am co-hosting the Financially Savvy Saturdays blog hop with creator Femme Frugality this week.  Check out last week’s edition which was co-hosted by Hayley @ A Disease Called Debt for more info. Plan to join in starting on Saturday with a recent non-sponsored/giveaway post from this week.  A new post will be here early Saturday (including this weeks html code to add to your post) for you to link up to.  A great way for people to highlight their favourite posts plus it’s fun and easy peasy!  #FinSavSat

Things are a little crazy around here on a number of fronts. I’ll point out the $finance impacts, because these points are obviously personal.

DoodleWe have a guest for the next four days while my sis and her husband take a short trip.  He will be back again for a week later in May when they go on their cruise without us.  Yes, I am very happy about that spending decision, even though they offered to pay.  Never mind the hidden financial impacts, it just feels right too.  Plus I get to spend four fabulous days with this awesome pooch!  We are doggy owners again!  For four days!  Count our blessings!!  $no dog for us right now due to no money in the budget$

My daughter and her family are closing on their new home today; they start moving some breakable stuff today and the movers are coming tomorrow.  They will be about 13 minutes closer to our home which means 7 minutes only to see my grandson!  Heeee!!  $less gas$ $can ride my bike in about 20 minutes$

Okay, that’s a wrap.  This post has been written with only 11 revisions.  Holy cow.  What have I forgotten to do?



Worth IT Wednesday! ~ The POLLING Edition


On my first edition of Worth IT Wednesday! I reflected on what type of blogger I want to be when I grow up!  Don’t say I didn’t warn you that I write a lot younger than I sound… or something along those lines.

chicken by debt debsI got some awesome feedback about writing styles and the unanimous consensus was to write as if I was delivering a speech … about how to prepare an income tax return … while living in a different country … where I didn’t speak the language … and chickens were running around my feet… so I had to keep lifting them up … so I could finish in time … before the rains came …. or I had to catch my plane … which ever came first.

No?  That’s not what you said?  Oh, well then, I may just need to pay a little more attention….get myself organized.  I mean this blogging thing is give and take, right?  You give and I take (apparently, not very well).


Oh silly me.  Truthfully, the PF blogging community has been quite cut-throat, just ask Girl Meets Debt who asking us to start sparring in the name of personal growth:

Ask the Reader: What Do You Think of Some Healthy Competition?

Now I’m all for railing on her for $hits & giggles, but ain’t no baby gonna touch that baby … and by baby I mean the collective group of babies that is ten most of you reading this.


But, I am quite competitive at board games, as her automated commenting machine forced me to confess.  So, if this is what we’re gonna do, then I’d better sharpen my pencil, that tax return is not gonna complete itself.   Eeeeks… 😮 I’ve got until midnight tonight or was there an extension on the deadline because the heartbleed bug ate my homework? ¹


I will never leave my taxes to do this late again
I will never leave my taxes to do this late again
I will never leave my taxes to do this late again
I will never leave my ….

Huh?  What?  Hang on the Irishman’s talking to me….


The Irishman:  You’re getting $1,000,000 dollars back. And I’m getting $5.67.
Me:                     Oh, you did the taxes?
The Irishman:  Ya, aren’t you happy that you’re getting $1,000,000 back?
Me:                     Yes, but I’m even more happy that the taxes are done on time!!
The Irishman:  I know, but that’s a pretty big refund don’t you think?
Me:                     Yes, I’m thinking about the lost interest on that money if the taxes had not been on time.  Thanks, Hon!
The Irishman:  Ohhhhkkkayyyy {walks away shaking his head} ²


Ahem… small combustible meteor attack averted.  [Mini digre$$ion:  Hey did you hear about the new Star Wars: Episode VII?]  All systems normal.  You may now return to your stations and continue watching American Idol. (or Netflix for all the cable choppers out there, and may I say I bow to your awesomeness).

OK, where was I?  Oh ya, so if GMD can roboticize her commenting, then I need to make some major IT investments here at Fraggle Rock.   One of my allies, EM @ Journey to Saving (BTW our blogs are both blue, so actually we’re like twin sisters in another time dimension), very aptly suggested I may need to invest in an RSS reader, so that I can continue to spy gregariously feed GMD’s robotical comment widget.  Not quite sure how that will work yet, but I’m all about BIG planning and let the details come out in the commenting/reading machine. ³


So without further ado than I’ve already done, I introduce my sophisticated polling machine over on the left ⇐ to ask you all what type of RSS reader do you recommend?

Keep in mind I want top notch.  With all the latest gadgets and wizardry.  I’ve gotta be on top of my game.  I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.  Oh, and I want it free.

Don’t let the size of the icons influence you.  They do not represent my preferences.  I don’t even know what I want, that’s why I’m asking you. Plus I’m just happy I even got the little suckers in there. Hee

Oh, one more piece of info.  My husband and kids have bought me a Lenovo Yoga 10 Tablet as an early Mother’s Day present.  It just arrived Monday.  I’ve been wanting to get a tablet for awhile.  An IPAD was just out of our budget, so I hope that this will do the job.  I want to choose a reader I can use on the tablet too, if I can ever figure how to swish and swipe the thing. #grandmothertabletlessons.

I found this article on Best RSS Feed Readers for Android Tablets so that’s how I came up with the choices listed, but if I missed some, please feel free to add or put in comments.

What does RSS stand for anyways?

Thank you for your feedback.  I am not worthy. 🙄

¹ Note to non Canucks:  Canada tax filing deadline is midnight April 30 but in 2014 it has been extended to midnight Monday May 5 due to the impacts of the Heart bleed security exploit.

² Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray would be helpful to understand this behaviour.

³ Seriously, is there any sort of frugal help that can help with sort of techy stuff? I can blog a big talk but when the spammer and the wizywig start colliding in intersphere, I run under my rock for comfort.

¼ And since digre$$ion is my middle name, can the IT techy people not talk in humanoid terms so that I don’t feel like I’m the last person standing on the cloud trying to get through the pearly gates? 😕