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Personal Debt Wrangler – Had my money head in the sand – but no more!


Started this journey [ok, really the journey started long before this date, however we were not on board] in March 2012.   This is what I refer to as our D-Day, meaning Debt Discovery Day (for me), or CTJM for us.   At that time our debt figures were as follows:

Amount Name Comment Snarky Comment
$26,400 Mortgage #1 one I now affectionately refer to as Mini Isn’t she cute? [insert eye roll here]
$71,700 Mortgage #2 his name is Small see how low I’ve sunk? I’m naming my debt elements!
$235,600 Mortgage #3 he is Big he doesn’t even deserve the title of Mr.
$11,900 Unsecured LoC our debt was so much we couldn’t even put it all on the mortgage le sigh
$0 Secured LoC we didn’t have a secured LoC open at this time this comes later
$27,700 Truck Loan bought 2009 This one is a story in itself
$20,200 Car Loan bought 2011 The Irishman was fed up driving me to work
$0 Credit Cards hence big above I never carried a balance on my credit card.  The Irishman, however….
$393,500 Totals  This is just so scary Halp!  I’ve got sand in my eyes!


$98,100 Total Mortgage [we had rolled LoC debt into Mortgages before, but since we were paying the mortgage aggressively, I consider this to be only true Mortgage debt, as opposed to Consumer debt]

$47,700 Total Vehicle Loans [as I write this now it is amazing to me that this was such a huge number!]

$247,500 Total Consumer Debt [so embarrassing!!! I believe this includes almost $100K of interest charges]

I need to write my current update as of when I started this blog because right now these figures are making me cry.

It gets better … I think.


Update on DEBT as of 20140313 – oh yeah!

Update on DEBT as of 20140503 – booyah!

Update on DEBT as of 20140607 – debt deliberations (new format) – okey dokey!


10 thoughts on “DEBT

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  5. Looking at the numbers, as bad as they may be, is your first step! Have you looked into the Dave Ramsey books? They changed my life! I look forward to reading more about your journey!


    • Thank you Kelly! I haven’t look at Dave Ramsey’s books but I’ve heard a lot of good things about him. I’m a follower of Gail Vaz-Oxlade. She’s pretty popular here in Canada. I like her no-nonsense approach.


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