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B-A-C-K-S (, Anti-spam, CNAFinance MVP, Kisses & Kudos, Self-hosted)


Hi folks

I had a good Canada Day weekend, after a rough start, which is why I’ve entitled this post BACKS!  The Irishman tried to change the front brakes on the truck himself.  We had paid $754.76 parts and labour, earlier in the week to have the rear brakes done.  He decided to do the front himself because they are less complicated and he figured he could save the labour charge.  Parts alone were $395.27!  Yikes!  It’s been an expensive week.

sciatica-x-rayAnyhoo, he struggled to get the rotor off because there was rust and corrosion and then couldn’t get the brakes on because they gave him the wrong brakes!!  They gave him rear brakes!   So he rushed to take them back and get the right parts before we needed to babysit and then he didn’t have the right receipt.  So he dropped me off at my grandson’s, so my daughter could leave to go to a wedding and ran back home to find the receipt and get back to the dealership before the parts department closed.

He ended up having to finish the job on Sunday morning and it was a lot of work.  Consequently he is complaining that his back is sore which isn’t good since he had back surgery 7 years ago.   This is his x-ray before his surgery where they put two titanium rods in his back.  I have another photo post surgery of the incision but it’s too gross to show you.

I told him to go to physiotherapy.  I hope he listens and I don’t have to nag him.  Every time he complains about it I’m going to hold up a sign with PHYSIO on it.

Short post (sure you say! 😉 ) today, with various updates on some topics.  So I’ll get started real quick, continuing with the BACK theme.

Break50B – Interview

Speaking of brakes (breaks), I was very pleased to be interviewed at Sov’s site,,  The Personal Debt Wrangler – an interview with Debt Debs.   Discussions of net worth and Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich (which I’m currently reading) over there.  Worth checking out as there’s information I have never yet disclosed on this blog.  A big thanks to Sov, for his hospitality.


flickr: janet galore

A – Anti-Spam Legislation

Canada launched new anti-spam legislation on Canada Day, July 1, 2014.  In order to comply, I believe I have to get express permission from people in Canada who subscribe to my blog via email.  I also need to remind them how to opt of receiving emails, at any time.  Since this is a fairly new blog, I don’t have  a lot of email subscribers, 9 to be exact (most subscribe via WordPress reader or blog reader tools (Bloglovin’ or feedly).  In addition, I don’t know if my email subscribers are Canadian or not.

But in order to be compliant, I did managed to send out an email using Google Forms to get their express permission to continue to receive my blog posts via email.  Google Forms was actually pretty easy to use, although I made a boo-boo with my first email out and forgot to ask the subscribers to identify themselves.  I was getting confirmations back that they still wanted to subscribe to my blog, but I had no way to know which of the 9 subscribers was responding.  So I sent out a second email.  Since then I have received responses back from 3 subscribers with their email (Thank you! 😀 ) and another 4 affirmations but with no email indicated.  But I’m suspecting that the four are from the first mail out, so theoretically I have only received 3 out of 9 responses and I should be unsubscribing the other 6 from my blog (Boo Hoo! 😦 )

I wanted to do a blog post about how to use Google Forms to do this.   I may still, or I may update this post afterwards, but basically, here is the content of my Google Form:

Anti-Spam Consent

I would like to send a very sincere thanks to all of you who have subscribed to my blog

Canada is launching a new anti-spam legislation on July 1, 2014 and to comply with this I would like to obtain consent from you individually by confirming that you agree to continue to receive messages from me whenever I post a new blog entry at

You may unsubscribe to receiving these messages at any time by selecting Unsubscribe at the bottom of any email you receive from debt debs or by contact me at

If I do not receive a response from you, I will remove you from the mailing list.

I’m looking forward to continued sharing of my personal finance related stories with you.

Thank you and best regards,

For more information about Canada’s anti-spam legislation visit.

* Required
Do you provide consent to continue receiving emails from *

By selecting

My email address is *

This is needed to match responses with responders


CNA-Finance-PF-MVP-Award-Vote-for-meC – CNA Finance Personal Finance MVP Award Nomination

As I mentioned last post, my blog has been nominated for the CNA Finance MVP Award.  I was quite tickled given the caliber of the other two nominees.  If you like what you are reading here, there is still time to vote until the end of the day Wednesday.  The votes will be counted Thursday morning.  You can vote by leaving a comment in the post or send an email to!  Thank you so much for all those who have voted so far!  It’s a long shot for me, but I really appreciate the sentiment, very truly.  🙂

kiss-kiss-gifK – Kisses & Kudos

Since I’ve been away and not near the internet for a few days, I have a lot of catching up to do.  I see many have re-tweeted my post from Saturday and left some nice comments.  Thank you very much!  I’ll be around visiting blogs for the rest of the week.

S- Self-hosting (Moving Blog from to Self-hosted)

I’ve decided to move my blog from the awesome hosted site to a self-hosted site and that will be happening this week (all things going well, crossing fingers and toes!).  There’s a few reasons behind this, most pressing reasons listed first:

  1. I’ve been asked to participate in an event that will utilize Rafflecopter, and this plug-in cannot be deployed on hosted blogs.
  2. I found out when co-hosting a FinSavSat blog hop in May, that I couldn’t display the other blog posts that were participating in the usual nice format that shows the post and associated picture.  Instead I had to have this dumb little frog’s head, that readers would need to click on to see all other linked posts.  Since I would like to co-host that blog hop again and maybe others, I need to be able to install plug ins on my site.  Full stop.
  3. Initially I did not want to pay anything for my blog, since I felt I was being hypocritical, since our large outstanding debt was the primary catalyst for starting.  I finally got fed up with the annoying WordPress word in the blog url ( and bought my domain name for $26 after I realized I wanted to continue to devote my time and grow my blog.  Now that I realize how much work is involved and still want to continue, I need to set myself up for potentially monetizing my blog down the road.  My initial intention was to grow my readership first, and then decide.  Now I realize that delaying the move will only result in more work down the road.  So that, in addition to the above two factors makes me realize that I should do this now and not delay.  If I had known this before, I probably would have started out as self-hosted.

I must admit, I’m a little nervous.  I’m not technically inept, and I like troubleshooting, but I would rather that things go smoothly because who needs the hassle?  I would rather devote my time to writing and reading other blogs.

So despite my good intentions above, if things seem a little quiet here and from me for the next few days, then you will know why.

Wishing all U.S. based readers and bloggers and very fine Independence Day!  Happy 4th of July!

Be back later.  😎

B – Do you ever do your own brake jobs?
A – Any Canadian bloggers done anything similar for the Anti-Spam legislation?
C – Can you vote for me?
K – What are your plans for Independence Day?

S –  Share any words of advice for moving from to self hosted?


Author: debt debs

I am a fifty-something wife, mother and new grandmother, who admits to having their “head in the sand” about their financial situation until amassing $247,500 worth of consumer debt for a total debt of $393,500. We've paid $121K in 2 years with four more years to go. Join my journey at sharing ideas and motivation to all those coping with poor money management and bad debt decisions.

25 thoughts on “B-A-C-K-S (, Anti-spam, CNAFinance MVP, Kisses & Kudos, Self-hosted)

  1. Hey Debs, I hope to see some votes, thanks for promoting the award! I really do like your blog. You make things so fun to read about. As far as your questions…
    1. No, I have friends do them at a steep discount. I know I’ma guy, and I should work on cars, but I would hate to mess things up when I can pay $20 to a friend for labor.
    2. I’m not Canadian, but the US went through something like this a while ago. Every email has to offer an opt out link and everything. Honestly, with all the spam out there, it makes the internet a better place. It’s just a pain for the people that do things right.
    3. I wish I could, but as the host, I have to be unbiased.
    4. Camping, fireworks, beer, and marshmellows!
    5. Good luck on the move, it’s definitely worth while. As you’ve noticed, wordpress is very limited and hosting isn’t really all that expensive. I never used wordpress for hosting(although I do use the wp cms for my blog) nor made the transition, so I wish I could give advice, but that would be out of realm of expertise. Nonetheless, I certainly hope the transition goes well.

    See ya around!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks JRod… so you don’t mind me self-promoting your award? 🙂 hee hee I’m super pumped that you like my blog. May the best blogger win! It’s all good! DC and Laurie are fantastic bloggers.

      Enjoy your camping! And watch your back!! Ever since learning about your back problems I get paranoid for you!


  2. So glad you are back Deb!!
    B – Never changed my own brakes, but if they needed it, I am sure FB Hubby would take a crack
    A – I am not a Canadian blogger, but we have to do something similar here. I think it’s a good thing.
    C – I definitely put in the good word for you. If you don’t get it this week, I am sure you will get it soon.
    K – I am helping a friend move to Kentucky, so we are having a girl’s weekend.
    S – I started my blog self-hosted, so I can’t help you here, but I am psyched that you are becoming a “big girl blogger” now. 🙂 Good luck!!


    • Hi Shannon… love your play on words “So glad you are BACK…” Thanks for your support, sistah!

      Wow ~ good luck with the move and watch your back too! Moving is a lot of work, but if you have a lot of help it’s much easier and can (almost) be fun! I bet with a bunch of girls it will be!!


  3. Welcome Back!
    B – Not without some help. I have someone else do them now.
    A – I thought all e-mail subscription needed an Opt out. No?
    C – Sure!
    K – Local firework and tailgating with family and friends.
    S – Started self hosted, but word press is so widely used I’m sure it won’ be a problem.


    • Thanks, Brian – yes, all email subscription needs an opt out and I always had this but for some reason due to the start of this new legislation we are supposed to have a record on file of people’s opt in. Sounds like some relaxing and fun Independence Day plans ~ enjoy!


  4. Welcome back! 😉 I took a little time away this weekend too…did a bit of a digital detox and turned my phone off for most of the long weekend. But, back to work and the smartphone is on again.
    B – Yes, I have done my own brake jobs but sometimes need a little help. I don’t do them anymore as I own a pricier car I don’t want to mess with.
    A – No, I only have Feedburner running and as far as I’m aware, they can opt out anytime they want to. Plus, we’re not really a business are we?
    C – Sure!
    K – Work.
    S – Started out on Self hosted but Google migrating from to Self hosted and you should find some great tips. In choosing a theme, I highly recommend the Genesis platform. Super easy to use and there are so many themes available.


    • Thanks, Michelle! Glad you got a bit of detox time in too! For me, it is probably a blessing that I don’t have internet access when at my Dad’s cottage.

      You are correct, but if someone is monetizing their blog, it could be considered a business. I just want to be sure to be doing things the correct way while it’s fresh on my mind.

      Thanks for your support and tips! I have a good article from WP Beginner that I’m going to follow.


  5. Good luck with the transition! I found it kind of frustrating while I was doing it, but now that I’ve moved to Blue Host, it’s fine. I’m technically inept, though, so it’ll probably go quite smoothly for you. 🙂


  6. We plan to do attend a parade, have a family cookout and watch fireworks on Independence Day. Should be fun day providing the weather cooperates.


    • Sounds like good family fun, Brian! If the weather doesn’t cooperate, then you’ll just have to make the most of it and stay inside playing board games or something! Enjoy! 🙂


  7. Good luck with your move! I hope it goes smoothly! 🙂


  8. Congrats on the transition to self-hosting!

    And yes, I always do my own brake jobs. They have been pretty straightforward on my cars. $395.27 is really expensive so your husband’s brakes must be far bigger/more complicated than what I’ve done. My parts have always been <$100 for fronts.

    OH I'm currently reading 'Think and Grow Rich' as well! It's fascinating! I'm also read the 4-hour work week which is awesome as well!!!


    • Ya, I thought the brakes seemed expensive too. He bought them from the dealer for a Dodge Ram truck. Not sure if they have a high markup or what. Of course, cars and car stuff is a lot more expensive here in Canada. 😦

      Cool that you are reading it too! Maybe we should do a book review blog swap? 🙂

      4 hour work week.. now that I could handle. I’ll put it on my list. 😉


  9. I remember being freaked out about making the switch to self hosted too. I wound up spending almost a $1,000 when I decided to get serious about blogging between hosting, web design, logo, and two months of beginner blog coaching. I’d say it definitely paid off.


  10. B – Do you ever do your own brake jobs?
    Heck no… that’s what my handy mechanic brother is for 😉

    A – Any Canadian bloggers done anything similar for the Anti-Spam legislation?
    I only have Feedburner, so I’m just going with it. They can easily opt out/unsubscribe, and as Michelle said above… I’m not a business.

    C – Can you vote for me?
    Will do!

    K – What are your plans for Independence Day?
    Considering I’m Canadian, it’s just another Friday for me 😉 But likely fairly busy because I just came back from a 4 day Canada Day weekend.

    S – Share any words of advice for moving from to self hosted?
    It’s not as daunting as it seems once everything is up and running. Oh, and remember to back up your site relatively frequently, and especially when you start messing with things. My site went down for a day early on because my fiancé (my tech guy) messed something up. Many calls to BlueHost pulled it from the ether though.


  11. Thanks for the tip and support, Alicia! Hope you enjoyed your Canada Day weekend!


  12. B – I do NOT do my own car maintenance. It would be scary if I did since I don’t know how to do much except change the oil and rotate/change tires.
    A – I’m not Canadian, but the other Canadian blogs I read I havent gotten anything from since I subscribe via Bloglovin
    C – Heading over there now!
    K – I hope to relax, spend time with family, catch up on housework/yard work, and work on some creative projects. Whew! I’m tired just listing it all 🙂
    S – I used Michelle’s guide (Sense of Cents) to help me move my blog from blogger to self-hosted/word press. I don’t know that it will all apply to you since your already in


  13. I do not do my own car maintenance. That’s one thing worth paying for. Good luck moving the blog as well to self-hosted. Great step, but I must admit to hiring someone to do it because I knew it would be a headache. For the 4th I’m doing a combination of chilling out and heading to the beach for several things.


  14. Hey Deb, don’t worry about self-hosting- it’s really easy! I was nervous when I started my site, because I had only ever used Blogger, and everything is stupidly simple on there. I use Bluehost and a free theme, and it’s been easy-peasy.


  15. Wow lots going on lately! I had my rear brakes done last week. Figured it was easier to get it done before starting the new job (my mechanic is only open 8-5 M-F so had to work from home). I hope you win the CNA MVP contest. I know it’s me and Laurie up against you, but honestly I don’t like competing against two bloggers I like – seriously had mixed feelings when I got that email!


  16. Glad you enjoyed your weekend, even if the car maintenance was a bit pricey! I’ll probably need new brakes soon. I believe the last time my dad tried to look at them, the bolts were too rusted and he couldn’t get to them. I’ll have to see if he can try again.

    The WPBeginner article looks pretty helpful. I hope everything goes smoothly for you!


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