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Worth it Wednesday


Worth It! WednesdayThis will be the first in a series of Wednesday posts if I can get my act together.  I want to write straight from the heart, even if my posts may be strange and quirky.  I pinky swear that they will still be personal finance related, with emphasis on the personal.

Where’s My MOJO?

Ya, so just over a month in and I haven’t found my groove yet to say that I’m comfortable with this blogging thing.  Lots to learn and lots to think about.  Here’s my random thoughts on this topic:

  1. I’m devouring reading lots of blogs which helps me to decide how I want to define my blog content.  Why reinvent the wheel?  You all have lots of great stuff that I can’t begin to replace, nor do I want to.  (aka I need all that info, baby, if I’m gonna learn how to get things right, one freakin’ payment at a time)  Smiling at you here, Shannon @ Financially Blonde as an excellent example of many!
  2. Researching and then writing about financial topics that I’m not familiar with takes time.  But if it’s something I need to know more about, it’s a good way to assimilate the information in my head.  Hoping it will help someone else to get through what can be rather dry topics, I want to try to put a fun spin on them (otherwise I may never get through them, LOL).
  3. I want to have some personal content in some of my posts too.  By that, I don’t just mean financial vomiting of my numbers (although I must confess I love reading those posts from y’all), but also some relationship,  psychological, spiritual and emotional divulsion.  Here’s hoping I can put it all out there.  Be gentle or smack me, your call.
  4., I almost forgot about it when I got totally distracted reading all the PF blogs I could find.  I read and commented, and commented and read (that’s always fun, write a random comment and then read the post to see how relevant your comment was…. kidding… totally kidding.  I signed up for everyone’s posts and comments and now I can’t find my inbox.  Has anyone seen it?  No, I’m serious now… I can’t keep up with the emails and for an detail oriented perfectionist, this is rather disturbing.  I think, I’m about two weeks from Sunday before I can dig out.  I may have to blow up my inbox, which means I’ll probably start to cry.  Please pass the tissues.
  5. OK, so what’s the secret to commenting – leaving comments, follow-up comments, reading comments, the whole shebang?  I like to read all the comments, and I love to see the responses to my comments.  However, my email does not return the affection.  So I’m thinking of doing the following:  leaving the post open as a tab and then checking later if my comment has been responded to.   Tell me how I can manage this so I don’t die Strategies gratefully appreciated.
  6. I got busy with social media, well mostly Twitter, since Facebook is a bust (as everyone reports).  Plus I can’t invite all my FB friends because I blog incognito (like my new sunglasses 😎 ?)  I’ve started also some Pinterest boards, namely Frugal Living, Investing Tips, Personal Finance Blogs, Favourite Blog Posts I’ve Read, Side Income Ideas and Blogging Tips.  This is how I’m going to organize myself, because as I said, my email is dying a quick death… plus I like pictures.
  7. So what started out as an a’tude of I’ll blog when I feel like it, and was 2-3 times per week, has dwindled to a paltry once on Saturday (sounds like my sex life used to be, don’t ask how it is now).  I wanted to blog adhoc – it suited my personality, but when Dr. Phil found me crying in the corner and asked me “How’s that working for ya?”  I had to admit that I need to find a balancing act (or join the carnival).  So, Wed and Sat it is folks!  For now… until I change it….. with no warning…  ha!

What’s in a Blog Name?

Today is William Shakespeare’s birthday.  Dude is 450 years old!  Check out what his twitter would be or was not to be.  His tweets sound old though.  I sound a lot younger than I am.  I digre$$.

So one of those nights when I was voraciously eating blogs, I came across a post late, late one night that got me panicked.  Can’t find the post now … I guess that’s one of the tricks of the trade I haven’t learned yet.

debt debs held for ransom
Anyhoo, I used to blog under the wordpress free domain site.  Well this post talked about people who buy up domain names so that if I later wanted to have my own domain name instead of, I might not be able to.  Something about people buying domain names and holding for ransom.  Internet domain piracy!

Well, I had hummed and hawed about paying $18 to buy the domain name (which later turned out to be $26 for some reason), but I whipped out my credit card right quick at 3 a.m. while my husband slept soundly beside me.  He was none the wiser.  Not that it mattered, because I’m the watcher of the money pots these days.

I’ve been thinking about writing this sort of post for awhile but Addison @ Cashville Skyline inspired me to get ‘er done with Have You Conducted a Productivity Audit?  You should go check out her spreadsheet analyzing her day.  I got all warm and goopy feeling when I saw it.

Any words of wisdom say ye?


Author: debt debs

I am a fifty-something wife, mother and new grandmother, who admits to having their “head in the sand” about their financial situation until amassing $247,500 worth of consumer debt for a total debt of $393,500. We've paid $121K in 2 years with four more years to go. Join my journey at sharing ideas and motivation to all those coping with poor money management and bad debt decisions.

27 thoughts on “Worth it Wednesday

  1. I really enjoyed that post. You made me laugh quite a few times when reading it. I’m more on twitter too because I’ve chosen not to connect to my facebook. I have created a page separate from my personal facebook which is just for my blog. It’s kind of dry though. I only have like 9 followers lol. I decided I’d start writing 3 times and week and now it’s whenever I find the time because I find it hard to stick to a specific day and work long hours.


    • Thanks for reading, DBC. I’m glad you got a few laughs ~ I aim to make people giggle (and by people, I include myself, but if more join in, even better).

      Consider yourself liked on Facebook. I’m a 1 like wonder on my page. LOL I actually started my Facebook page first, before I even started my blog. I was perusing and saving interesting PF info on my FB page. This process convinced me to start my blog. Thank blog, or I’d still be out there by my lonely swinging in the breeze! hee hee

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the shout out Deb!! And I think you are off to a great start. I think the most important thing, and Wendy at GMD mentioned this yesterday is to just be yourself. Write content that you would want to read and chances are someone else will want to read it as well. My blog writing is kind of like therapy for me, so I get to share things and it’s a lot less expensive than a professional. 🙂


    • You are so welcome Shannon! I love your blog and Wendy’s at Girl Meets Debt too!

      It’s funny that you mention your blog writing is like therapy for you because that is originally why I started my blog. Actually it still is, but there are lots of other side benefits too, including meeting great bloggers like you!


  3. Somtimes mine is like a journal, sometimes its like a numbers log. Just find your balance. I’m still trying to find my voice too.


    • I think you’ve got a great ‘voice’ going on over there, SNM! I like the variety of topics that you blog.

      I’m not kidding when I say that I salivate over the numbers posts. As an accountant, I just love numbers and spreadsheets.


  4. The nice thing about the personal finance niche is that money is such a big part of our lives – you hardly go a day without spending some of it – and so there are a wide variety of topics to write about. Look at a columnist like Rob Carrick and you’ll notice that he’ll write articles that cover a wide spectrum, from high level investing and wealth building topics to lower level debt reduction and banking tips. Then he also moves across the generations, from Gen Y just starting out to the retiring (or retired) baby boomers and the challenges each generation faces.

    It is nice to sprinkle the personal stuff in there once in a while and I’ve found that those types of posts will hit home with your readers and keep them coming back for more. That doesn’t have to mean disclosing your net worth or daily spending, but maybe you share a money situation you regret or a personal pet peeve about spending or saving.


    • Hi Robb ~ Thanks for dropping in and for your kind words of encouragement!

      Like the song says “I’ve got to be me”. I actually tend to blab a lot. My Dad says “Tell Debbie, and tell the world”. Egads… I hope he doesn’t find this blog.

      Ya, and I’m actually gearing myself up for a net worth disclosure. I’m strangely conflicted – want to but I’m nervous. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll get over that 😉


  5. Ha, I like the last picture! I went ahead and purchased my domain first, since I didn’t want to have to deal with transferring everything over. As far as a posting schedule, do what feels right, especially when starting off. You don’t want to burn out and force yourself to think of topics.

    Do you use an RSS feed? I use Feedly to keep track of all my blogs, and it allows you to favorite posts you like so that they are saved. I know everyone has a different method of reading, though.

    As for comments, I try and comment on all my favorite blogs as I can. Now that I’ve moved and am jobless, I have more time. I try and keep on top of my email as best as possible. I always have it open in one tab and connected to my phone. This can get distracting, but you can always check it after you see you have 5 or 10 emails. If you have to subscribe to comments, you’ll usually receive an email asking you to confirm before you receive the other comments on the post, so after you comment you might want to check on that. The majority of bloggers answer the same day the post goes live, some the day after. Comments tend to dwindle after 2 days of publishing.


    • Thanks for all the tips and especially about using an RSS feed, EM. I totally do not do that! What’s an RSS feed?

      ha ha … no really I think I need to do that, because the email thing is not working for me. I need to figure out which feed to sign up for. Hey maybe I’ll do a post on that! A quiz, a poll … oh the possibilities…


  6. Glad you sorted out your domain Debt Debs! I always think if you have a .com address rather than a address, then readers will think you’re ‘in it for the long haul’.

    As for commenting, I try to comment on my favourite blogs every week – I read many more than I actually comment on. I probably read around 60 blogs per week and comment on 25-30 of them. It’s time consuming especially when you’re conscious that something might need to be posted on your own site.

    However blog commenting and networking is really important and helpful because you’ll be building relationships with fellow bloggers plus learning some valuable stuff too. I don’t subscribe to comments as my email inbox is on the edge of meltdown as it is, but I do go back to blogs and check for responses sometimes. I use Digg Reader to capture the RSS of my favourite blogs. It helps me to see quickly which ones have been updated or not. It’s definitely saved me a little time!


    • You are so right about the domain name Hayley. It was one of my concerns as well, but spending money on this had me conflicted. Nothing like a bit of fear mongering to spur me to action!

      Thanks for your other tips! Definitely something I’m gonna get working on … the RSS.


  7. I wouldn’t worry too much about “defining” your blog or fitting into some kind of mold. Just write from your heart or whatever you might be going through. Those are the best ones to read!


  8. I have been going through some of the exact same thoughts. I too am in the same once a week rut, although I post more often than once a week…;-).

    I wonder about posting too much personal stuff too, especially the financial stuff. If my renters see it, will it help or hurt. And others I may not want to see it.

    Having a ‘regular’ site is much more ‘real’. And then you own it. They always add extra features that cost more. Privacy, additional years, etc.

    Keep up the great work.


    • Thanks NNL!

      I like your site for a couple of reasons: (1) It’s crisp and clean just like your apartments I’m sure …. well at least right before a new renter moves in! (2) you blog about a niche area and offer good advice on what to do and what NOT to do if people are venturing into the real estate rental arena.

      I understand your concern about not wanting to put too much personal stuff out there, especially if your renters would see.

      As far as family members go, I’ve decided that if I blog from the heart, but respectfully and factually, then I can stand behind my blog when they start throwing tomatoes at me! ok… now that’s just funny in my head.


  9. You are so funny….I love this post. Hey this is your blog and you can do whatever you want too. Listen I have been MIA for a couple of weeks due to life and I don’t feel bad about it. It is what it is and I just couldn’t find time to get to my blog. This is your show, be free….and let it all hang out.

    Oh my family doesn’t know about my block either….nothing wrong with blogging in the closet.


    • Hey, wondered where you were at. That’s totally cool though. If you can’t take breaks and breathers when you feel like it, what is the point? Thanks for stopping by for a laugh, Petrish! Have a groovy weekend!


  10. My most successful posts have been my most personal. When I started blogging I hired a coach and she taught me something important. She noted that nowhere on my site (at the time) did I mention that I was an actress. I responded saying I didn’t want to alienate non actors. She then told me that the acting thing is what makes me unique and different from the zillions of other sites out there- and she was right. Turns out, people are interested in what I do and how it shapes my perspective. Being specific is what makes you interesting. Now that’s what I tell my coaching clients 🙂


    • Very good point! I don’t think I’ve alienated non-Grandmas! Hey does this mean I can say I have an interloop friend who’s an actress? I’ve always wanted to know a pilot. I used to ask to go up to the cockpit and chat them up. That was pre 9/11 of course. Know any pilots?


  11. I don’t think you have to worry about finding your voice or personality, from only reading a few of your post so far it seems you already are great at that, and this post is a great example – you come off very friendly.

    One thing I’ve done is started to use to subscribe to blogs instead of signing up by e-mail, that has helped with scrolling through an reading a bunch of blogs without my inbox blowing up! The comments part I’m not sure, as it always seems to subscribe to all the comments haha.


    • Oh how sweet! Thank you Debt Hater. I hate Debt too… and I am friendly. we’ve bonded…can we be best friends?

      Thank you also for the tips…. I’m doing the reader thing now too. I didn’t realize I could add blogs that were self-hosted as well there. Live and learn. I’m still thinking of signing up for a feed reader though if there are better features.


  12. Blogging can be difficult! Especially at first when you are just getting into the groove. It’s served me well to have a posting schedule and to stick with it, because it does help me organize things. As far as commenting goes, I find the emails work well (the boxes that say notify me of responses via email) but if they aren’t working for you then maybe a spreadsheet with all of your comments?


    • Thanks for visiting, Daisy!

      I find the emails work too well such that I can never empty my inbox, LOL!

      I like hearing how others manage the volumes. I hope it’s just a matter of finding my groove!



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