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:-( Random Ramblings :-)


We haven’t made a decision yet on our spending dilemma.  I really appreciate the feedback I’ve been getting BTW.  I think we will decide this weekend.  We keep waffling between going and not going with our last position being to forgo.

But …

I got some shocking news yesterday.  A former colleague passed away suddenly the night before.  I don’t even know the details.  I and the people that have worked with her at my company are really sad.  The thought that she is gone is unbelievable.  She was really a kind, dedicated and smart as a whip cookie.  Although I didn’t work with her anymore, we still work for the same company.  In fact, I connected up with her recently on Facebook because I knew she was a grandmother and I recently became one too.  We are approximately the same age.  There are no more words ….

Getting news like this makes me want to go all YOLO.

I may need to be talked off the ledge.

In other news, I WFH (werked from home) yesterday because I picked up a side hustle for about an hour.  It was not a lot of work but was a lot of fun.  It was more physical than I’m used to as I had to lie on the floor a few times and also had retrieve some colourful objects that fell on the floor from time to time.  Oh, but I was able to use some equipment that made the job easier and the client was really pleased with the results I got with this apparatus.*  I also think he was in a good mood because I had the following song playing in the background.

*To view this video on YouTube Click here.

  • Amount of $ earned in side hustle: $0
  • Value of smiles received during side hustle: priceless

* Commercial Plug:  Jolly Jumper

Apparatus used in side hustle

Apparatus used in side hustle


Author: debt debs

I am a fifty-something wife, mother and new grandmother, who admits to having their “head in the sand” about their financial situation until amassing $247,500 worth of consumer debt for a total debt of $393,500. We've paid $121K in 2 years with four more years to go. Join my journey at sharing ideas and motivation to all those coping with poor money management and bad debt decisions.

11 thoughts on “:-( Random Ramblings :-)

  1. Wow, what a tough decision. I really think you need to go with your gut on this one. There are so many pros and cons. So sorry to hear about your former co-worker. My husband lost a co-worker last month too, suddenly, and it really makes you re-think life, doesn’t it? One thing we’ve learned after being at this debt payoff thing for over 14 months now is that every step in the right direction is a victory. Maybe if you go on the cruise you can be super duper extra frugal in the months leading up to it so that you don’t feel so bad about any money you may have to spend? I don’t know, but I know your heart knows. Hang in there, girl. 🙂


    • Thanks.. I honestly don’t know why we are so conflicted. I’ve actually been avoiding talking to my sister the last few days because of this and we usually talk most days. I almost feel immobilized, if you can imagine that. It must not be right if I’m feeling this way.

      Happy Saturday Laurie ~ thank you for dropping by!


  2. I’m sorry to hear about your colleague. How are you holding up?


    • Thank you. I found out yesterday that she committed suicide. She is the same age as me, had a beautiful house in the country on a lake and two adorable grandchildren. I find it so tragic. Our lives are very similar and as some one who has struggled with depression I am a bit numb about it right now. I am feeling quite good mentally overall, even with our debt struggles, but I know that dark place too. It makes me wonder, can it all change around so quickly like that? Is it something I need to be prepared for too? Tonight I will go to the visitation with some colleagues. I think it will be comforting to talk about it with them. I will share my fears, because it is so much easier to talk about mental health these days.


      • Oh, dear, how sad. I have struggled with depression in the past too. So very sorry that your friend made that choice – sad for everyone. Thinking of you and praying for comfort and peace for all who knew and loved her. 😦


        • Thank you Laurie. It is definitely hard on the family. There were many of us colleagues at the visitation last night and at the funeral today. We expressed our feelings about what a competent employee and wonderful person she was. I hope it brings comfort to her family. They will need lots of support and prayers.


  3. I am so sorry to hear about your colleague. Depression is so terrible. I have a good friend that suffers from it.

    As you must know from reading my blog, my husband died suddenly from a stroke. We travelled a lot (even some cruises), and while I do regret the debt, I don’t regret the money we spent on travel. I have many wonderful memories of those trips. We were so happy and relaxed on them. If I were you, I would go on the trip. Your sister obviously wants you to go very badly, and as the saying goes … you just never know.


    • Thank you Judy for your kind words and your advice.

      I just got home from the funeral. I still need to catch up on your blog. I will be over soon, if not today sometime this week.


  4. So sad to hear this. And death has a tendency to put things in perspective. Suicide is so tragic. So so sorry to hear of your loss.


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